Africa – Raw, core elements of life form, adapt and survive


My first ever trip to Africa – 35 days motorbike trip riding 8,300km from Kilimanjaro to Cape Town, and a couple of days in Cape Town, then 22 days driving 4,300km in a safari camping 4×4 through Namibia


Standing underneath the shower in our hotel room in Windhoek and watching sand being washed away, feeling the strange and familiar sensation of being cleaned, thinking with delight that no more dust and sand in my hair and clothes, today is the last day of our two months trip in Africa. I have enjoyed so much of this trip, but it is the time for me to go back to my normal habitat to have a bit of comfort.


What is Africa to me and what do I know about Africa? Is it the long struggle with deep scars of apartheid, wars, loss of life, poverty, people fleeing the country, or is it the first sign of human life, traces of our ancestors African Eve and African Adam shared by everyone in the modern world, raw wildlife, abundant nature beauty, spectacular landscapes, struggle and adaptation of all creatures to some of the most extreme weathers on earth, chances and sheer luck of survival? I want to find out from my own experience.


Our 35 days’ motorcycle trip from Kilimanjaro to Cape Town started in Tanzania, East Africa, and then through four countries in Southern Africa, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa. My favourite countries through this whole trip are Zambia, South Africa and Namibia based on the wildlife encounters and spectacular sceneries. Looking through thousands of photos we took along this trip, the cheerful smiling South African school kids, the tenderness of top predator big cats to their young, the mesmerizing Mars-alike beauty of Namibia, the resilience of life forms in the desert, the 1,500 years-old Welwitschia plant, the local produces and South African wines……, I can’t believe that we have done so much, seen so much and experienced so much in these two months, still I feel that I know so little of Africa.



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