The mingling between lions and leopards, encountering wild lions at our doorstep and staring down at this amazing earth – Zambia

Day 14, we rode along Malawi lake and crossed the border to Zambia. In general, Zambia appears to be a more developed country than Malawi with better buildings, more cars and civilized towns, and more confident and purposeful people walking around. To our surprise, we were met with big street celebration parties and realized that it was their president’s election party. It felt like we were riding through revolution with very exciting people drinking, dancing, shouting, burning tyres and slapping on our shoulders!

The wildlife heaven – South Luangwa National Park

Having already done a few safari games drives so far, staying at a wildlife camp is another kind of safari experience. Flatdogs Camp is an at least 5-star wildlife camp. Upon arrival, we saw elephants wondering around straight away! Then we were taken to our safari tent which was my first time experience sleeping in such a tent! It was right on the bank of the river and we saw 20 some elephants bathing in the water! There were monkeys and mongooses everywhere. Hippos were singing all night long. There were watchmen around the resort site. In the dark, you need to be accompanied by a watchman to go anywhere! That night, when we left our tent to go to the restaurant, our watchman pointed with his torch showing to us that there was a lion passing by a few tents away and there was no fence in between to protect us. I suddenly felt a chill on my back. What is behind me!! There is no fence separating the resort area and the national park. Wildlife just walks around passing our tents. At night when I switched off the light in the tent, I could see outside through the tent flap. I woke up a few times just to check if there was anything outside. It was a good night sleep with no surprise visitors.

The next morning, we went for a morning safari game drive at South Luangwa National Park. There were so many hippos, elephants, birds, crocodiles in and around the river. The highlight was that a female leopard was chased up to a tree by a lion as it was interested in a dead elephant, which was the prey of a group of lions. The leopard’s cub was on top of another tree nearby. There were a few lions lying underneath the trees. The leopard seemed very relaxed as it knew that the lions couldn’t reach it and it just waited for the right moment to leave. The lions had good feed and they were lying around, relaxed and beautifying themselves. One female lion clearly had blood around its mouth. The smell from the dead elephant was terrible though. This park is certainly worth spending a few days to do different safari excursions. Some guides can go everywhere in the park while ours only could go to certain places.

Victoria Fall – Big cracks in the earth and the Smoke that thunders

What can be a better way to view the Victoria Fall than taking a helicopter tour! Little needs to say how exciting the whole experience was! Staring down at this magnificent water fall with tons of water flowing through the giant cracks in the earth and hitting the river bed!

Could do better next time:

  1. If one’s financial situation permits, I would arrange our own safari guide and vehicle with the license to go everywhere in the South Luangwa National Park for a few days which will provide more opportunities for wildlife experience.
  2. There are many activities including swimming in the Devil’s pool at the Victoria Fall. I couldn’t arrange it in such a short notice. To avoid disappointment, booking it well in advance.